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Nature Tours

The nature guides at Øhavets Smakkecenter arrange exiting trips to all the small South Fyn islands. Go on an educational trip and learn about nature and environment from a practical point of view. We arrange trips for all levels of education.

For instance try a bird trip to the uninhabited islands or a seal safari and experience some of the amazing nature reserves existing here.

You can also experience the animal life in the shallow waters of the Archipelago with a trip in the barge fishing and exploring the wonderful sea life.

There is also the option of a cosy trip with a nature guide who can talk about the many spices and medical herbs existing here. Learn to make your own spiced snaps and taste our own very special Island Spicy Snaps.

Trips can be arranged during all seasons both inland and on the water.

Furthermore the guides can arrange a guided tour of the historical town of Strynø, which is remarkably well-preserved and idyllic.
Give us a ring and tell us what you would like to do and we will create your very own special holiday.