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School Camp

School Camp

Join school camp and experience the South Fyn Archipelago in all its facets.

Camp at our campsite (we rent tents) or rent rooms on the island. At our campsite you will find toilets, showers, a well-equipped kitchen and dining hall.

We can arrange school camp / education adventures for groups of all educational levels. Our experienced instructors will happily teach about environment, nature, island culture, teambuilding, sailing, survival trips, outdoor life, hand crafts and much more.

Example of school camp activities for 25 persons in a 5 day period:
Day 1 - arrival and setting up camp
Dag 2 - seal safari to a deserted island with nature guide
Dag 3 - sailing instruction and sailing all day
Dag 4 - fishing with net and traps
Dag 5 - closing and departure

Total price 14.775 kr. incl. VAT
Ring us to get an offer, we can arrange almost anything.