Learn how to sail a smack dinghy


If you have never sailed with sail before, in order to be a responsible boatman, get a few hours of instruction in one of the Centre’s smack dinghies and then sail as captain on your own boat with family or friends.

We have 3 smack dinghies, each with a capacity for 5 people.
We have a Megin dinghy with a capacity for 4 people.

We also have our flagship SELMA with a capacity for 8 people.
SELMA is only rented out with a boatman.

The price of 1-hour sailing instruction is DKK 650, incl. smack dinghy. Subsequently, the smack dinghy can be rented for the following prices:
Smack dinghy (4-5 persons) can be rented for DKK 850 per day or DKK 650 per half day, or DKK 4100 for a week.
Smack dinghy (5-7 persons) can be rented for DKK 1000 per day or DKK 850 per half day.

Rentals include life jackets, charts, compass, safety equipment, anchor etc.

If you fancy a sailing trip with a boatman, it can be arranged for DKK 650 per hour.

Smack dinghies can also be rented out for several days, including equipment for spending the night on the many small islands which offer accommodation.
Remember, however, that some of the islands are protected during the birds’ breeding season, so that they can have peace to teach their young ones to fly.

Would you rather set off on a guided tour, then take a trip with the boatman in the smack dinghy and listen to the story about the Archipelago’s nature and culture?


Enjoy the Archipelago from a sea kayak

It is easy to learn how to paddle sea kayak and being at one with the sea and nature makes for an incredible experience. Our kayaks are stable and even the most untrained of sailors can easily learn to master them.
The waters around Strynø provide very safe opportunities for sea kayaking, as the area is very shallow. For example, you can sail around the entire Strynø at a depth of only half a metre.

Our instructor will gladly give advice and training. We offer ongoing courses in the summer, but courses can also be arranged upon request.

All kayak activities comply, of course, with the Danish Maritime Authority’s requirements and guidelines, and needless to say, our sea kayak instructor is certified.

Øhavets Smakkecenter has 30 sea kayaks at its disposal.
22 Skerray with fin
4 Prijon sea kayak with rudders
4 Prijon Excursion (2 persons)


Exhibition entry feeDKK
Children (4 to 15 years)35,-
Rent of smack dinghy (4-5 pers.)/smack dinghy (5-7 pers.) per half day650,-/850,-
Rent of smack dinghy (4-5 pers.)/smack dinghy (5-7 pers.) per day850,-/1000,-
Rent of smack dinghy/Megin dinghy for 7 days4100,-
Sailing lesson per hour650,-
Seal Safari
Barge trip/seal safari, 3 hours, adult249,-
Barge trip/seal safari, 3 hours, child149,-
Barge trip/seal safari, 3 hours/max. 25 people)3500,-
Sea kayak, SUP and more
Rent of sea kayak per half day (including paddle, spray skirt and lifejacket)200,-
Rent of sea kayak per day (including paddle, spray skirt and lifejacket)300,-
Rent of Two-person kayak per half day (including paddle, spray skirt and lifejacket)250,-
Rent of Two-person kayak per day (including paddle, spray skirt and lifejacket)400,-
Rent of SUP per half day (including paddle and lifejacket)200,-
Rent of SUP per day (including paddle and lifejacket)300,-
Rent of kayak clothing per day (wetsuit, wet shoes and paddle jacket)50,-
Rent of beginner windsurfing equipment per half day300,-
Rent of beginner windsurfing equipment per day400,-
Kayak lesson per hour450,-
Overnight stay
Tent site/shelter, adult100,-
Tent site/shelter, children under 1650,-
Rent Lavou (Tipi tent) per day (max. 10 people incl. assembly/disassembly)200,- plus campsite fee per person
Glamping (2 beds)book on
Family tent (4 beds)book on
Room (3 beds)book on
Miscellaneous equipment
Waders per day50,-
Firewood (per bag)50,-


Coastal safari
An activity that invites you to go on a treasure hunt in the shallow water and on the beach.
There is an option to borrow a hydroscope, a shrimp net, a fishing net, waders, identification sheet, handbooks, trangia stove (for cooking shrimps) etc.
The fact sheets covers: frequently caught animals, how to catch and boil shrimps and how to take a seabed sample.
This activity can be expanded to include taking water and seabed samples back to the Centre where a stereo magnifier and a microscope are available for use.

Mr and Mrs Crab
An activity where you make your own crab fishing rod and fish for crabs.
In addition to the fishing rod, you can borrow a hydroscope, a fishing net, waders, handbooks etc.
The fact sheet explains how to make a crab fishing rod and fish with it as well as how crab biology works: change of shield, mating and egg-laying in particular.

The story in the stone
This is an activity where you can collect stones on the beach, play with stones, identify them and also glue and paint stone figurines.
You can borrow handbooks, geologist’s hammer, glue, paints etc.
The fact sheets covers: types of stones, games for which you can use stones and stone figurine suggestions.
This activity can take place throughout the year and part of it can be done indoors if the weather is bad.

In the Stone Age man’s footsteps
This activity deals with Stone Age people’s life in the Archipelago. You can go in search of flint tools on the beach, collect “Stone Age food” and cook it or shoot with a bow and arrow (you have made yourself).
You can borrow cooking utensils and materials for the bow and arrow etc.
The fact sheet includes: information about flint and Stone Age people, a guide to finding flint implements, a guide for picking of wild food and its preparation, and a description of how to make your own bow and arrow. At the Centre there is a target to shoot at.

From grain to bread
This is an activity where you can grind whole grains into flour and make bread or pancakes on a bonfire. You will have the opportunity to make herbal pancakes using roadside plants.
You can borrow grain, a grain mill, cooking utensils, pancake pans etc.
The fact sheet include: information about grains, recipes and a guide to what plants you can pick.

Life on the island
With coordinates and a GPS you will be sent to different places on Strynø and you will see sites of cultural and historical significance. For example, the school, church, mill etc. About each place there is a story to read. You will also have the opportunity to make “Pille-ærter” (Pilled peas) – a local dish.
You can borrow a GPS, cooking utensils etc.
The fact sheet contains recipes, coordinates and related stories.

Boat builder for a day
In the old boatyard’s anteroom “Knasten” you can build a wooden model and then launch it in Strynø waters.
You can borrow tools, wood etc.
The fact sheet contains a guide to making a model boat and information about smacks. You can also purchase the boat you make for DKK 25. So you can take it home.

Play with seaweed
This activity is about seaweed. Identifying seaweed, cooking with seaweed and making seaweed art.
You can borrow a bucket, a net, cardboard, cooking utensils, plant press etc.
The fact sheet contains seaweed types, recipes and a guide to making seaweed pictures. You can take the seaweed picture home or hang it at Kiss the Frog. This is a good winter activity, because seaweed art can be made indoors.

Wild food
This activity is about cooking food found in nature. Shore crab soup, shrimp sandwiches, seaweed chips, roadside herbs. The food is cooked on a camp fire.
You can borrow handbooks, collection gear and gloves, as well as cooking utensils.
The fact sheet contains a collection guide (what is clean/dirty), recipes.

Bird nerd
This activity involves bird watching, learning more about birds, counting birds, bird games etc.
You can borrow binoculars, books, camouflage clothing, birds feed etc.
The fact sheet contains information about bird types, bird behaviour and games such as “Stamp an earthworm”. Furthermore, there is an opportunity to study stuffed birds, bird skulls and bird feet at the Centre.