Go on a school camp and discover the South Funen Archipelago in all facets.

Spend the night on our tent site, in our shelter, or rent our rooms.

Right next to our tent site, shelter and rooms there are toilets and bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen and a dining room.

We can arrange a camp school/training courses for groups on all educational levels. Our experienced instructors will gladly teach environment, nature, island culture, team building exercises, sailing, survival trips, outdoor activities, crafts and much more.

Example of 5-day school camp:
Day 1, arrival and setting up of camp.
Day 2, seal safari to a desert island with a nature guide.
Day 3, sailing lesson with sails and sailing in the Archipelago.
Day 4, fishing. Prawn traps and nature instruction.
Day 5, round-off and departure.

Meals can be ordered. Call for a customised offer, we can handle just about anything.


Remember to book a ferry trip/return trip in time. This is done via telephone. Call +45 6251 5100. See also ferry times at A reduced-price ticket can be purchased for the group.

Strynø’s grocery store
Strynø’s grocery store (Let Køb) is a 10-minute walk from the centre and offers a wide range of goods at reasonable prices. The shopkeeper will gladly deliver your goods if you make a large-volume purchase. However, it is a good idea to order goods in good time, if you intend to buy larger quantities. You can contact the shopkeeper at 6251 5253

Dish washing
Remember to bring your own detergent and brush as well as dish towels (possibly one per student) – even if you eat in the galley.

Bathing machines
All our bathrooms are equipped with bathing machines. A hot bath costs DKK 10 which is why it is a good idea to have 10-krone coins with you.

When you spend the night in, cleaning is required after you leave. We would be happy to do the cleaning after you leave for DKK 1500. You can also save the fee and turn the cleaning into a fun activity for your students.

During your stay at Øhavets Smakkecenter you can cook yourself in the kitchen or on the camp fire, or you can enjoy refreshments from the galley.
The food is served on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or each and everyone can make a packed lunch at the buffet after breakfast.