Nature – Between land and water

Why nature?

When you go out in the Archipelago you see two types of natural environments, each with its ground rules. Water and land. In an island landscape it is not to possible to draw a line where water ends and land begins. The tidal zones and weather dictate the water level. And even when you are in the middle of one of the islands, wind, smells, seagulls and views will constantly remind you that the sea is near. Therefore, “Nature – between water and land” has been selected as one of the Archipelago’s “Big Five” in the exhibition at Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter.

Ambassadors for the nature of the Archipelago

In the exhibition you will see aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals. But there is a special focus on species that can live both in water and on land. We have selected the Archipelago’s beautiful salt marshes and the famous spotted seal as ambassadors for the Archipelago’s nature.

Salt marsh

Salt marsh and grasslands are landscapes with exceptional living conditions. The plants living here must be able to tolerate partial flooding with salt water as well as very sandy and salty soil. Salt is normally pure poison for plants. However, salt marsh plants have been forced to develop strategies to grow here and they have adapted. In return, there is less competition with other plants for nutrients and light. Salt marsh plants are experts that utilise a special niche.

Common seal

The seal also fits well into the Archipelago’s nature. The seal needs water for hunting. It feeds on fish, squid and crustaceans, which, thanks to the Archipelago’s larder, are abundant in the Archipelago. However, the seal cannot do without land. It mates here, gives birth to its young and rests. There are not huge amounts of common seals in the Archipelago – only a small permanent population. But they are nevertheless good ambassadors for Nature. Especially because they are often found outside Strynø. Go on a seal safari with Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter and look for the Archipelago’s seals.

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