Strynø – the island in the Archipelago

In the Archipelago you can always find a good deal of small islands, which are inhabited. They all have their specific cultural characteristics and are all worth a visit.

If you go to Strynø, you will experience first-hand the only small island in the Archipelago that has successfully kept an island community numbering both adults and children. Strynø still has a school for grades 0-4. And there are both a nursery and a kindergarten. At the same time you will also find homes for the elderly and home care there. So it is still appealing to move to Strynø.

Strynø has about 200 residents today and is one of the most densely populated islands in Denmark.

On Strynø we see island life in its prime. The island offers lots of association activities and events all year round. And togetherness and a place to be who you are.

Strynø back then…

Around 1900 Strynø there were about 800 residents on the island, which was quite a lot of mouths to feed on approximately 5 km2.

But islanders fertilised the soil and this way managed to produce a high yield on a limited space. In addition, a lot of the population of that time was at sea. Like most of the other islands in the Archipelago, Strynø bears the mark of a seafaring tradition. Following the population boom, it was difficult for young people to work on the island, which is why many went to Marstal on Ærø to work on one of the ships registered there.

In the exhibition “Over Ø og Hav” (Above Island and Sea) you can find more sailors’ stories.

Learn fun things about Strynø – the island in the Archipelago in Nørderiet here below. Visit the exhibition “Over Ø og Hav” (Above Island and Sea) with us on Strynø and learn even more. Get a sneak peek of the other themes from the exhibition here:

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