Visit the exhibition “Above Island and Sea” and come in in order to go out…

In the exhibition “Above Island and Sea” you can experience what we call “the Archipelago’s Big Five” – namely the five topics which are specific for the South Funen Archipelago and particularly for the area around Strynø.

The five topics are like “islands” in the physical exhibition at Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter. Here you can learn more about:

The shallow waterStrynøNatureThe work of iceThe Birds

The exhibition will prepare you to go out and experience the Archipelago on your own, both its nature and its culture history. It offers inspiration for playing and learning in the nature around Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter.


The exhibition’s modules are made of wood in a beautiful, organic designs inspired by the local nature and the sea in particular. But also the frames of the smack dinghies have served as inspiration. The exhibition has been designed by Kvorning Design & Kommunikation. The unique photos and film, which are an aesthetic way to tell about the five topics in the exhibition, are created by wildlife photographer Andreas Mørck Nielsen from Moving Nature.

Come and discover a vibrant exhibition for both children and adults.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter


Nørderiet – this is the place to run wild

In the exhibition “Above Island and Sea” you will also find Nørderiet, where there is every opportunity to go crazy in the nature of the Archipelago. Here you will find microscopes and stereo magnifiers, tasks and books about, for example, seaweed, birds or stones, which you can find on Strynø.

Go out and explore the area and take something back to examine it in more detail at Nørderiet. Here you have every opportunities to examine what you have found and learn something new.

You can also visit Nørderiet here on this page under the five topics: Strynø, The work of ice, The shallow water, Nature and Birds. Here you get various nerd knowledge about the topics – all of which supplement what you can experience at our exhibition at Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter.


Kiss the Frog

In Nørderiet in the exhibition you can get the equipment necessary to try Kiss the Frog. Kiss the Frog is a series of activities for the whole family, where you can borrow activity guides and gear and thus easily come out and explore Strynø’s nature. At Øhavets Smakke- og Naturcenter we have a total of 10 different Kiss-the-Frog activities, enough for several days of playing and learning on your own.


The Kiss-the-Frog activities are included in the admission ticket to the exhibition. You will find the activity guides in the exhibition hall. The gear you need is described in the guides – and is easy to find. Borrow a trolley and start exploring.

Try the 10 activities:


Bird nerd

Learn to recognise the birds of the Archipelago


Coastal safari

Meet the wild animals in the shallow water

Mr and Mrs Crab

Everything you did not know about crab flirtation


Boat builder for a day

build your very own wooden boat and launch it.

Life on the island

Experience Strynø’s history with racing and regional cuisine


The story in the stone

the geological history of the shore

In the Stone Age man’s footsteps

Go hunting for Stone Age artefacts and Stone Age food

From grain to bread

Mill grain and make delicious pancakes


Play with seaweed

Create beautiful seaweed pictures or make delicious seaweed chips

Wild food

Go hunting in nature’s large larder

Have a great time out there!